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    Rocky Mountains
    Western United States
    Open To Public

    45 minutes from the nearest stoplight at the end of a magnificent box canyon sits Telluride, Colorado (elev. 8,750'), a National Historic Landmark surrounded by 14,000' peaks in the San Juan Mountains. Above Telluride is a modern, master-planned resort village connected to Telluride by a free pedestrian gondola, the only one of its kind in North America.
    While the ski terrain is world-renowned, the resort is truly defined by a collection of unique, intimate and unmatched experiences. From Tempter House to Allred's and Alpino Vino, you'll find these experiences are as unique as the 14,000' peaks that surround them.
    Unlike the mega-resorts in North America, Telluride's location and small size allows for guests to experience a peaceful and intimate atmosphere, where lift lines are nearly non-existent and the people are authentic and friendly. The resort is differentiated by its focus on planned-growth, sustainable practices, and unique high-alpine scenery and experiences.


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    Summit Elevation
    13,150 ft
    Base Elevation
    8,725 ft
    Annual Snowfall
    309 in
    Night Skiing
    Pass Network
    Symbol Trail Name Sort descending Mountain Area Difficulty Score Overall Rating
    Allais Alley Apex 8
    Alta Polar Queen 4
    Andy's Gold Gold Hill 8
    Apex 6
    Audrey Prospect Bowl 8
    Bail Out (Lower) Front Side 4
    Bail Out (Upper) Front Side 6
    Bee's Run Revelation Bowl 6
    Beginner Park Sunshine 2
    Boomerang - Middle Village 4
    Boomerang - Upper Village 4
    Bridges Sunshine 3
    Bump Run 6
    Bushwacker - Lower Front Side 6
    Bushwacker - Upper Front Side 6
    Butterfly Village 4
    Buzz's Glade Gold Hill 8
    Cake Walk - Lower Polar Queen 4
    Cake Walk - Upper Polar Queen 4
    Calumet Prospect Bowl 9
    Capitol Prospect Bowl 9
    Captain Jack's Front Side 6
    Cats Paw Front Side 8
    Chongo's Apex 8
    Confidence Prospect Bowl 6
    Coonskin - Lower Front Side 6
    Coonskin - Upper Front Side 6
    Dew Drop Polar Queen 4
    Dew Drop - Drain Polar Queen 4
    Dihedral Chute Prospect Bowl 8
    Dihedral Face Prospect Bowl 8
    Double Cabin (Lower) Sunshine 3
    Double Cabin (Upper) Sunshine 3
    Dynamo Gold Hill 8
    East Drain Front Side 8
    Easy Out Front Side 4
    Electra Gold Hill 8
    Electric Shock Prospect Bowl 8
    Enchanted Forest Sunshine 4
    Galloping Goose (Lower) Prospect Bowl 3
    Galloping Goose (Middle) Sunshine 3
    Galloping Goose (Upper) Prospect Bowl 3
    Genevieve Prospect Bowl 8
    Giant Steps Apex 8
    Gold Hill 1 Gold Hill 6
    Gold Hill 10 Gold Hill 8
    Gold Hill 2 Gold Hill 8
    Gold Hill 6 Gold Hill 8
    Gold Hill 7 Gold Hill 8
    Gold Hill 8 Gold Hill 9
    Gold Hill 9 Gold Hill 8
    Gold Rush Polar Queen 5
    Happy Thought Apex 8
    Henry's - North Polar Queen 5
    Henry's - South Polar Queen 5
    Holy Cow Sunshine 8
    Hoot Brown Expert Terrain Park Village 6
    Hoot Brown Intermediate Terrain Park Village 5
    Humboldt Draw Village 5
    Jaws Front Side 6
    Jello's Bowl Prospect Bowl 8
    Joint Point Front Side 6
    Kant-Mak-M Front Side 8
    La Rosa Prospect Bowl 8
    Lakeview Prospect Bowl 8
    Liberty Bell Revelation Bowl 6
    Little Maude Sunshine 3
    Little Rose Gold Hill 8
    Log Pile Front Side 6
    Lookout Front Side 5
    Lower Boomerang Village 2
    Lower Dynamo Gold Hill 6
    Lower Happy Thought 4
    Lower Lookout Front Side 4
    Lower Plunge Front Side 8
    Lower See Forever Apex 4
    Lower Village Bypass Village 3
    Lower Woozley's Way Gold Hill 4
    Lynx Loop (Nordic/Snowshoe) Sunshine 1
    Madison Prospect Bowl 3
    Magic Meadows Loop (Nordic/Snowshoe) Sunshine 1
    Magnolia Prospect Bowl 4
    Majestic Revelation Bowl 6
    Mammoth Front Side 6
    Marmot Sunshine 4
    May Girl Prospect Bowl 3
    Meadows - North Meadows 2
    Meadows - South Meadows 2
    Milk Run Front Side 6
    Millions Gold Hill 8
    Misty Maiden - Lower Village 4
    Misty Maiden - Middle Village 4
    Misty Maiden - Upper Village 4
    Mountain Quail Prospect Bowl 8
    NASTAR Village 4
    Nellie Sunshine 3
    Nice Chute Prospect Bowl 8
    O'Riley's Front Side 6
    Ophir Loop Polar Queen 4
    Palmyra Basin Prospect Bowl 6
    Pandora Front Side 6
    Peek-a-boo Village 4
    Pick 'n Gad Village 4
    Plunge Front Side 6
    Polar Queen Polar Queen 4
    Polar Queen Polar Queen 4
    Prospect Creek Prospect Bowl 5
    Prospect Woods Prospect Bowl 6
    Review Prospect Bowl 8
    Rock & Roll Prospect Bowl 6
    Rockslide Prospect Bowl 6
    Roy Boy Prospect Bowl 9
    Runaway Train Sunshine 8
    Sandia Prospect Bowl 4
    Sandia (Upper?) Prospect Bowl 5
    Satisfaction Front Side 6
    See Forever 2
    Senior's Prospect Bowl 9
    Sheridan Headwall Village 4
    Silver Glade Apex 6
    Silver Tip Polar Queen 5
    Silver Tip Trees Polar Queen 5
    Silvercloud Revelation Bowl 6
    Smuggler Village 4
    Spiral Stairs Front Side 8
    Stella Prospect Bowl 9
    Stormin' Normin Polar Queen 4
    Stumper Front Side 6
    Sully's Apex 8
    Sundance Sunshine 4
    Sunrise Prospect Bowl 8
    Sweet Martha Prospect Bowl 6
    Teddy's Way Sunshine 3
    Telluride Trail - Lower Front Side 4
    Telluride Trail - Upper Front Side 4
    The Fans Gold Hill 4
    The Peaks Meadows 2
    Tram Shot Prospect Bowl 8
    Upper See Forever Gold Hill 5
    Ute Park Sunshine 2
    Village Bypass Village 2
    West Drain Front Side 8
    Westlake Prospect Bowl 8
    Woozley's Way Apex 4
    Zulu Queen Apex 8
    Symbol Lift Name Sort descending Overall Rating Type
    Adult Magic Carpet
    Moving Carpet
    Triple Chair
    Children's Magic Carpet
    Moving Carpet
    Combined 4/4 Person Chondola
    Double Chair
    Gold Hill Express
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Learning Center Carpet
    Moving Carpet
    Mountain Village Gondola - Stage III
    8 Person Gondola
    Mountain Village Gondola Stage I
    8 Person Gondola
    Mountain Village Gondola Stage II
    8 Person Gondola
    Oak Street
    Double Chair
    Triple Chair
    Polar Queen Express
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Prospect Express
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Quad Chair
    Sunshine Express
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Ute Park Express
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Village Express
    Quad Detachable Chair
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