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    Rocky Mountains
    Western United States
    Open To Public

    Snowmass is located approximately 197 miles from Denver, in Pitkin County, and is the largest of four Aspen, Colorado ski resorts. (See Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk).
    As Aspens largest ski area, with 3,332 skiable acres, 94 trails, endless wide cruisers, plenty of steeps, 3 terrain parks, 21 lifts and a vertical rise of 4,406’ (higher than all other Colorado ski resorts), you may never see the same trail twice in one day.
    If you plan on visiting Aspen’s Snowmass, give yourself and your family a few days (or more) to explore it’s expansive terrain and on mountain dining, for the ultimate Colorado skiing experience.


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    Summit Elevation
    12,510 ft
    Base Elevation
    8,104 ft
    Vertical Drop
    4,406 ft
    Annual Snowfall
    300 in
    Night Skiing
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    Symbol Trail Name Sort descending Mountain Area Difficulty Score Overall Rating
    A-Line Gated Areas 6
    A.M.F. Gated Areas 8
    Adam's Avenue (Lower) Elk Camp 4
    Adam's Avenue (Upper) Elk Camp 4
    Assay Hill Elk Camp 2
    Baby Ruth Gated Areas 8
    Banzai Ridge Sam's Knob 4
    Bear Bottom Elk Camp 4
    Bear Claw Campground 6
    Big Spruce Gated Areas 8
    Blue Grouse Coney Glade 4
    Blue Grouse (Lower) Coney Glade 4
    Bottom's Up Elk Camp 4
    Buckskin Big Burn 4
    Bull Run Elk Camp 4
    Cabin Coney Glade 4
    Cabin Cut Off Coney Glade 4
    Camp Three Big Burn 6
    Campground (Lower) Campground 6
    Campground (Upper) Campground 6
    Cirque Headwall Gated Areas 8
    Coffee Pot Alpine Springs 4
    Coney Glade Coney Glade 4
    Cookies High Alpine 8
    Coyote Hollow Big Burn 4
    Dallas Freeway Big Burn 4
    Dawdler Coney Glade 2
    Dikes Gated Areas 8
    East 1 and 2 Gated Areas 8
    East Branch Two Creeks 4
    East Wall High Alpine 8
    Eddy Out Two Creeks 4
    Elk Camp Meadows (Beginner) Elk Camp 2
    Fanny Hill Coney Glade 2
    Fast Draw Sam's Knob 6
    Free Fall Big Burn 6
    Free Fall/Glissade Big Burn 6
    Frog Pond Gated Areas 8
    Funnel Elk Camp 4
    Funnel Bypass Elk Camp 2
    Garret's Gulch Big Burn 6
    Glissade Big Burn 6
    Gowdy's Gated Areas 8
    Granite Alpine Springs 4
    Green Cabin (Lower) Alpine Springs 4
    Green Cabin (Upper) High Alpine 4
    Grey Wolf Elk Camp 4
    Grinder High Alpine 6
    Gunners View Elk Camp 4
    Hal's Hollow (Lower) Coney Glade 4
    Hal's Hollow (Upper) Coney Glade 4
    Hang-On-Halvins Gated Areas 8
    Hanging Val Wall Gated Areas 8
    Hanging Valley Glades Gated Areas 8
    Hanging Valley Headwall Gated Areas 8
    High Pass to H.V. Gated Areas 8
    Howler Campground 6
    Jack of Hearts Big Burn 4
    K.T. Gully Gated Areas 8
    Lodgepole Alpine Springs 4
    Log Deck Alpine Springs 4
    Long Shot Two Creeks 4
    Lower Banzai Coney Glade 4
    Lower Cascade Two Creeks 4
    Lower Creekside Two Creeks 4
    Lower Ladder Gated Areas 8
    Lunchline (Lower) Coney Glade 2
    Lunkerville Alpine Springs 4
    Max Park Big Burn 4
    Mick's Gully Big Burn 4
    Monkshood Coney Glade 4
    Moonshine Sam's Knob 4
    Mousetrap Sam's Knob 2
    Naked Lady Alpine Springs 4
    Nor Way Coney Glade 2
    Pipeline Sam's Knob 4
    Pitch In The Valley Gated Areas 8
    Possible Gated Areas 8
    Powderhorn Campground 8
    Powerline Big Burn 6
    Promenade Sam's Knob 6
    Reidar's High Alpine 6
    Rio Gated Areas 6
    Roberto's Gated Areas 8
    Rock Island Gated Areas 8
    Rocky Mountain High Big Burn 4
    Sandy Park Elk Camp 4
    Scooper (Lower) Coney Glade 2
    Scooper (Upper) Coney Glade 2
    Sheer Bliss Big Burn 4
    Showcase High Alpine 6
    Slider Alpine Springs 4
    Slider (Lower) Alpine Springs 4
    Slot (Lower) Campground 6
    Slot (Upper) Sam's Knob 6
    Sneaky's Big Burn 4
    Sneaky's Glades Big Burn 6
    Split Tree Gated Areas 6
    Sunnyside Sam's Knob 4
    Sunspot Gated Areas 8
    The Edge High Alpine 6
    Timberline Big Burn 4
    Tom's Trace Alpine Springs 6
    Trestle Big Burn 4
    Turkey Trot Alpine Springs 4
    Upper Cascade Two Creeks 4
    Upper Creekside Two Creeks 4
    Upper Ladder Gated Areas 8
    Ute Chute Sam's Knob 4
    Velvet Falls (Lower) Coney Glade 4
    Velvet Falls (Upper) Coney Glade 4
    Weird Woods Gated Areas 8
    West 1 and 2 Gated Areas 8
    West Face Big Burn 6
    West Face/Free Fall Big Burn 6
    West Fork Two Creeks 4
    West Fork Glades Two Creeks 4
    Whispering Jesse Big Burn 4
    Wildcat Campground 6
    Wildcat (Lower) Campground 6
    Wineskin Big Burn 4
    Zugspitze Campground 6
    Symbol Lift Name Sort descending Overall Rating Type
    Alpine Springs
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Assay Hill
    Quad Chair
    Big Burn
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Double Chair
    Coney Glade
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Elk Camp
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Elk Camp Gondola
    8 Person Gondola
    High Alpine
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Magic Carpet at Elk Camp
    Moving Carpet
    Quad Chair
    Sam's Knob
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Sheer Bliss
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Sky Cab
    Pulse Gondola
    Two Creeks
    Quad Detachable Chair
    Village Express
    6 Person Detachable Chair
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